He studied graphic design at A.T.I., and painting by H. Dekoulakos. Interested in the classic works of painters influenced by old colored lithographs. Uses both oils and mixed colors, and his themes refer to the dreamy and imaginative sets in the direction of surrealism. In the direction of surrealism painting is distinguished by its stylized forms and highlighted deformation, the dreamy atmosphere and most problematic area, the inner color and the complete line. The same elements characterize his work of engraving, especially his lithographs, with the same subject matter, a similar morphoplastic vocabulary and the same problematic area.

Solo Exhibitions:
1976: The Gallery O
1978: De Greef, Brussels
1978,1981,1983: Zygos
1982,1987,1991: Hyacinth
1992: K Gallery, London
1994: Titanium

Group Exhibitions:
1975: Panhellenic – A Meeting of Young Artists,
1975: Ora
1976: Basel
1978,1981,1984: Zygos
1979: Medusa
1982: Argo
1984: image-Remove-Object, he put
1985: Antenor
1986: Yakinthos
1988: painting a table,
Athens PA
1989: 6 +6 Bicentenaire de la Revolution Francaise, Athens, Nimes, Paris
1992: Salon du Petit Format, Villefranche sur Mer, Nice – A prize – Postwar
Painting in Greece, PD Patras, 1992, Surrealism, Greek Dimension,
1996: Titanium, Fall Art Trilogy
1996: Magna Gallery
1997: SlimArt, Astrolabe

He is a member of EETE