Paschalis was born in Alexandroupoli on February 1955. He studied art decoration, free drawing and colour composition in the city of Thessaloniki. He studied under the instructions of the painter Dimitris Scretas in the engraving technique of the metal surface. He worked as a scene-painter and costume of stage-designer in various public theatres. He paints large dimensional wall-paintings in public and famous private establishments. He lives in Makrinitsa, Pelion and the city of Volos since 1989.

He has also painted the covers of the following music discs and CDs

— 1994 “The greece of Melina (Merkouri)” that was composed by the prominent Greek composer Stavros Xarhakos
— 1995 “Drum, trumpet and red sugar almonds” by Giannis Xanthoulis, that was composed by Thanassis Gaifilias

He has collaborated with the painters:

Paul Acciari, Zan Paul Cleren, Masasuke Chiba


  1. Varotsos, A. Fanakidis, D. Fortsas, G. Parmakelis, A. Karatza, S. Gavalas, V. Voulgaris

Stage managers:

  1. Vasilikioti, K. Bakas,V. Kyritsis, S. Tsakiris ,D. Pantazis, D. Papastamatis, D. Dimitroulias
    G. Exarchos, Glikofridis, K. Efremidis, D. Pantazis

Stage designers:

  1. Patrikalakis, T. Zografos, N.Kopanitsa, G. Ziakas ,A. Sarantopoulos


Melissa, Agira, Nea Synora, Militos, Interpublisitas, Paratiritis Thrakis, Epikinonia S.A. Mauve publications.