Michalis Pornalis

Michalis Pornalis lives and works in Volos. He studied dentistry and holds a degree from Athens University as well as a post-graduate degree from a Swedish University. In Sweden he also took a course in photography, which eventually won him over and became his lifetime passion.
He began his photographic career with “plastic” pictures and he presented 18 exhibitions of his work throughout Greece. In 1992 he presented his work in Gallerie DADA in Athens under the title “PHOTO CONSTRUCTIONS”, an avant-garde mixture of colour and black-and-white pictures. In 1995 he edited the photo collection “Pelion a Photo-journey” and in 1999, in association with Aris Voliotis, the photographic album “Pelion, a Treat by God”, which was acclaimed by the Tourism Journalists and Writers’ Union of Greece. Ιn 2000 he published an album entitled “Pelion of Light and Colour”, a real tribute to Pelion. He co-operates with the Prefecture of Magnesia, which publishes a lot of tourist printed material using his pictures. Some of them are made into posters by the Greek Tourism Organization. His pictures are often published in prints and magazines in Greece and abroad. He is also a regular contributor to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and
In 2003 he published in Norwegian the photo album “Hellas – People, Food, Celebrations, in One Year“.