Painter – Visual Applications

Born in Athens, in 1963.

In 1986, he moved his laboratory to Volos.

He studied drawing and painting in 1984 -1985 at the atelier of Paschalis Angelides (painter-designer)

He attended courses of Color Technology with Jean Marc Stehle (scénographe, chef décorateur and Swiss actor).

Planning models for decorative and utilitarian objects

(-Furniture-Lighting fixtures-).

Since 2007, he has been collaborating with the ceramist Vlasta Chotzi, who turns his designs into small artistic – decorative – utility objects.

Larissa 2015, G.I.Katsigra Museum “Garbage otherwise … Recycling Art”

Volos 2015, Makrynitsa, Paschalis Art House, “Modern Greek painting”

Volos 2014, Giorgio de Chirico Art Center, “Sprinkle some garbage on the Arts”

Makrinitsa, Pelion Mnt. 2013, “Paschalis Art House”

Athens 2012, “Museum of University History, Sanatorio Project”

Hania, Pelion Mnt. 2011, “Sanatorio Project”, Karamanis

Thessaloniki 2011, “Sanatorio Project” Kodra Action Field

Volos 2007, “Meta… poiisis” Tsalapata Museum, institution of Piraeus Bank”

Thessaloniki 2005, “Arte Povera”, Mill art multiplex

“Thessaloniki 1997 Cultural Capital of Europe”

He collaborated with Catherine Rankl for the mise-en-scène of the play “The Bacchae” in Thessaloniki and Epidaurus

Makrynitsa 1997; Folklore Museum, “Water Project”,

Komotini 1988, “Cycle” gallery

Alexandroupolis 1994, “Mikro” coffee house