Paschalis Aggelidis


Paschalis  ( Paschalis was born in Alexandroupoli on February 1955. He studied art decoration, free drawing and colour composition in the city of Thessaloniki. He studied under the instructions of the painter Dimitris Scretas in the engraving technique of the metal surface. He worked as a scene-painter and costume of stage-designer in various public theatres. Read more about Paschalis[…]

Shadow Chen

Shadow Chen   or Saltyshadow, is a Mixed Media Illustrator from Ningbo, China. She has majored in industral design,and is an Art & Design Postgraduate. But her love for art pushed her to explore more avenues as an illustrator and graphic designer. Her works are always seen in liquid forms, with a traditional twist and Read more about Shadow Chen[…]


He studied graphic design at A.T.I., and painting by H. Dekoulakos. Interested in the classic works of painters influenced by old colored lithographs. Uses both oils and mixed colors, and his themes refer to the dreamy and imaginative sets in the direction of surrealism. In the direction of surrealism painting is distinguished by its stylized Read more about Pantaleon[…]


BIOGRAPHY Born 1930 in Thessaloniki  died 2004 in Athens. Took lessons from Spyropoulos and Nikolaou (1944-8) and studied at the Athens Academy of Fine Arts (1950-5) under Moralis. Attended the School of Art Conservation in Rome (1955-9) with a scholarship from the Italian Institute in Athens, at the same time taking lessons in mural painting Read more about Kessanlis[…]


ANGELOS Official Web Page Angelos was born in Farkadona, Trikala in 1943. I studied painting in the School of Fine Arts in Athens, taught by Mr Yiorgos Mavroidis. I continued my studies through multiple journeys to the European Museums, especially to the Louvre, where I studied the tendencies of Western art. My work can be found Read more about Angelos[…]

Dimitris Fortsas

Dimitris Fortsas

Dimitris Fortsas                         (   Dimitris Fortsas was born in 1957 at Didimotichon  in Greece. 1979-1983  studied painting     PERSONAL EXHIBITIONS   2007       Π.37 Art Gallery, Athens, Greece   2000       Zakynthos Art Gallery, Greece   1994       Kalamata Municipal Cultural Center ,Greece   1993       Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece   1991       Read more about Dimitris Fortsas[…]

Stelios Gavalas

Stelios Gavalas ( ) 1966: Stelios Gavalas was born in Athens, Greece. 1985: He attended the School of Fine Arts in Athens where he majored in sculpture under the guidance of two of Greece’s most respected professors G. Nicolaidis and T. Papagiannis. At the same time he studied casting, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, experimenting also Read more about Stelios Gavalas[…]