Mavros Charis

Mavros Charis He studied in Paris architecture at “Ecole d’Architecture UP6” and painting at “Ecole des Beaux-Arts”. In his work he prompts the dialog between the accidental and controlled element of the free and diagrammatic chromatic flow. He has also dealt with sculptural manufactures in the space, where applies in daily accidental materials chromatic combinations Read more about Mavros Charis[…]

Gilda Frumkin

Gilda Frumkin   Ατομικές Εκθέσεις 1996 στο Πνευματικό Κέντρο Π. Φαλήρου. 1997 στην Πνευματική Εστία Βούλας. 1998 στην DOMINGO Gallery της Μυκόνου. 2001 στην BELLINI Gallery της Γλυφάδας. 2001 στην Δημοτική Πινακοθήκη Μυκόνου. 2002 στο Δημοτικό Θέατρο Πειραιώς. 2004 στην Gallery ΚΙΒΩΤΟΣ στην Αθήνα. 2004 στο Πνευματικό κέντρο “Λαϊκή Αγορά” Πρέβεζας. 2006 στον Read more about Gilda Frumkin[…]

Asterios Toris

Asterios Toris Asterios Toris was born in Munich, Germany. In 1979 he was awarded the first prize in an exposition of DELTA Institute. During the following years, his main quest and artistic wandering were focused also on electric guitar and rock groups of the Hard Rock era. Music and guitar studies at Georgoudaki’s Apollonio Read more about Asterios Toris[…]

Masasuke Chiba

Masasuke Chiba 1944 ●Was born in Sendai 1965 ●Studied under the late Mr.Kiyokatsu Matsumoto after graduating from the designer’s school of Japan 1976 ●Traveled in Greece and Italy(has concentrated on Greek mythology) 1985 ●(~1994) Solo exhibition in every year. 1996 ●Collection of pictures on Greek mythology [Love,Parting, Jealousy etc] published by Chukyo Shuppan 1998 ●Official Read more about Masasuke Chiba[…]

Paschalis Aggelidis


Paschalis  ( Paschalis was born in Alexandroupoli on February 1955. He studied art decoration, free drawing and colour composition in the city of Thessaloniki. He studied under the instructions of the painter Dimitris Scretas in the engraving technique of the metal surface. He worked as a scene-painter and costume of stage-designer in various public theatres. Read more about Paschalis[…]


ANGELOS Official Web Page Angelos was born in Farkadona, Trikala in 1943. I studied painting in the School of Fine Arts in Athens, taught by Mr Yiorgos Mavroidis. I continued my studies through multiple journeys to the European Museums, especially to the Louvre, where I studied the tendencies of Western art. My work can be found Read more about Angelos[…]